Emei fairy wine co., LTD is located in emei city, the world famous mountains near the arch,Is a company specializing in the production of manufacturing fruit extraction,Fruit mixture of wine and distilled spirits。The company was founded in2008To begin self-marketing fruit wine,In2013Years was formally established in the company,The factory covers an area of6600?,The construction area1500More?,Have several professional management staff,In the traditional process,On the basis of manual brewing,Cooperate with auxiliary equipment production packing。The equipment is advanced,Strong technical force,To meet the high standards of customer requirement。

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Emei city emei wine co., LTD

Contacts:Lu's manager

Hand   Machine:18608065331

The electricity   Words:400-0980-929

Pass   The true:400-0980-929

The ground   The address:Sichuan leshan emei city

Net   The address:www.emxian.com