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        Guangdong private technology enterprises, terri company,Its two three series of brand products:Margin treasure for bottle series products brand,Jas terri trademark of double layer stainless steel magnetized caddy,The cathode vacuum magnetic function、The double-layer cup、A cup of tea、Bone China cups、The series of purple sand cup product brand。
        Terri series products and margin treasure happy bottle series products were given:Innovation is invention patent、The patent for utility model、A number of national intellectual property patent of appearance design, etc,Margin bao le stainless steel bottles by GermanyLFGBCertification。Products are divided into:Newborn baby bottles、Maternal and infant and baby bottles、The infant child multi-purpose combination bottles、The infant child dual-use bottles four series。
        Terri innovation,Strive for perfection,Product leisurely elegant and unique,Good quality。Margin treasure creator is health bottles,Safe milk bottle,The happiness of love continues。

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