Alexander/ ABOUT US

      Ruian Alexander auto parts co., LTD is a professional development、Design、Production and sales of precision shaft core、Standard parts of the private enterprise。
      The company is located in the south“Auto parts”Said the pond town BaoTian under the south river industrial area,In104National highway,Away from wenzhou airport10In the water,The transportation is convenient,Enterprise employees250More than one,The management personnel30More than one...

    Alexander culture/ CULTURE

    Our enterprise values:Strive for perfection,The pursuit of excellence,Serve the society。
    Our management target:Built-in management under the rule of law,Outside the internal and external market;Updates the traditional conception,Overall advancing with The Times。
    The declaration of the people of force:We will be faithful in love with our company,My family,My colleague,A friend of mine;We will work to become the first mission of my life,Because the work is the only way to success;We use...

    Contact us/ CONTACT US
    Contacts:Zhong Wenfeng
    Hand Machine:13958825818
    The electricity Words:0577-65276111
    Pass The true:0577-65276555
    The ground The address:Ruian international automobile industry base xingfa road68Number
    Product display / PRODUCTS
The circular arc surface worm shaft
Tooth type of drive shaft
Single head worm
Automatic return worm shaft
Cold extrusion worm shaft
Twin twist around worm shaft